Sonny's Piano Albums

A Gangster Suite


Featuring 3 pieces for solo piano:

• You Dirty Rat

• Struttin' It Around

• The Jig is Up!

Hard copy book- $25

Waltz it All About?

Sonny Cover Waltz it All About.jpg

12 pieces for solo piano

Hard copy book - $25

Zeitgeist, Book 1

Sonny Cover Zeitgeist Bk 1.jpg

13 exercises for solo piano.

Hard copy book - $25

Zeitgeist, Book 2

Sonny Cover Zeitgeist Bk 2.jpg

13 exercises for solo piano.

Hard copy book - $25

Piano Music of Sonny Chua: The Collection, Volume 1

Piano Music of Sonny Chua - The Collecti

X pieces for solo piano.

Hard copy book - $25

Scenes of Childhood

14 Pieces for Solo Piano

With his Scenes of Childhood, Sonny Chua has given the young (and not so young) player a wealth of highly interesting, challenging and musically stimulating material which is great fun to play, while also being of enormous educational benefit.

The collection provides a compendium of musical styles and pianistic effects, and encourages heightened sensitivity to mood, atmosphere and instrumental colour. Harmonies, rhythms, metric issues and tonal relationships are at once appealing and sophisticated. There is something to delight everyone, and the works cater for different levels of achievment and development. 

Hard copy book - $24.95

Assorted Fairies


Sonny Chua delivers an outstanding collection of fifteen frivolous and frightful fantasies filled with catchy rhythms, amusing melodies, thoughtful colours and subtle references to childhood songs. You will find various ‘Fairies’ on examination syllabuses and all are suitable for extra lists - but most importantly they are delightful concert repertoire for any young musician.


Hard copy book - $21.95