Umi's Birthday SALE 😍

- only available during March 2021

Sonny Chua Piano Music .jpg

This is Umi (looking a little sleepy), who just turned 4 years old! She is holding the Piano Music of Sonny Chua: The Collection, V1.

Usually $25.00

NOW $15.00 (AUD)

including postage in Australia

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The album includes some of Sonny's most loved pieces:

  -  You Dirty Rat (from A Gangster Suite)

  -  Angel (Intermezzo from Sonatina)

  -  No.3 (from Waltz it All About?)

  -  No.12 (from Waltz it All About?)

  -  Hoonmobile (from Bogus Boogies)

  -  Headache Crawl (from Bogus Boogies)

  -  TV Zombie (from Bogus Boogies)

  -  T-Rex Hungry (from Day in the Life..)

  -  Jamaican Fumble (from Red Hot Rhapsodies)

  -  Theme & 12 Deviations