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Grand Piano

to the  music of Sonny Chua

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Welcome to Sonny Chua's website.

Looking for a piano piece by Sonny, or a vocalise?

Please email me, as I now manage Sonny's music.

In 2023, this website will be updated to include everything on Sonny's music. His music will be organised so that all pieces (or as many as possible) will be available for purchase, but this will involve the  task of digitizing his scores, one by one.

Thanks for your patience.


Sonny Chua (1967-2020)

Sonny Cover A Gangster Suite.jpg
Sonny Cover Midnight Snack.jpg
Sonny Chua Rodeo.jpg
Sonny Cover Waltz it All About.jpg
Sonny Cover Christmas Crackers.jpg
Sonny Cover Zeitgeist Bk 1.jpg
Sonny Cover Zeitgeist Bk 2.jpg

© 2020 by madamchua

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